Exclusive shirt design for Henrik Vibskov Boutique . 

*The party was yesterday but there might still be some shirts left at the store!?!?*
Tuca eatin’ all the eggs!
Oh hey the Tuca links were down for awhile but I fixed ‘em. Read all the old Tuca comics right HERE.

Tuca eatin’ all the eggs!

Oh hey the Tuca links were down for awhile but I fixed ‘em. Read all the old Tuca comics right HERE.

Why doesn't Bojack have a tail? Love the show! — Asked by brooklynncalifornia

He’s half-man, half-horse, and his butt is more man than horse (none of the animals on the show have tails, mostly a stylistic choice).

Also the man-half of BoJack is able to barf cotton candy, whereas the horse-half can’t vomit and gets gnarly colic. Watch the PBS documentary “The Science of Humanimals” for more fun facts!


Ok I have a question. What are your thoughts on the furry community and what inspired you to draw like this? :) I love your art so much — Asked by mrpeanutbutter-

I’m totally delighted that furries are into BoJack/my art in general. I’ve always drawn this way. When I was six, I drew myself as a cat who dressed and behaved like Weird Al Yankovic (that was the coolest thing I could imagine being).

I read the Furry Fandom wikipedia page to brush up on my knowledge and this description definitely fits : "…interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics," but I’m not a lifestyler & don’t find it erotic (no judgment if you do! just not my thing).

I feel like this a good place to plug this series my partner Adam co-created for College Humor: Furry Force. It’s SO GROSS AND FUNNY.



I love Bojack Horseman!!! How much story/visual humor input did you have? I see a lot of things, particularly in the background, that seem very Lisa. Did you get to dictate actions or behaviors? Diane's story about dreaming of winning Macarthur grant for her Zine about girls at school sounded like Emily's story about hoping to one day win a pulitzer at the new york times for an expose on a boy in her class. — Asked by kensukevic

Winning a prestigious award for a piece of revenge writing is the dream of all smart women!

The character actions are totally dictated by Raphael and our brain trust of incredible writers, thank goodness, that’s the hardest thing. But background jokes and visual gags are a team effort - writers, storyboard artists, designers and directors, oh my!

For a lot of the puns, me and supervising director/funny friend Mike Hollingsworth come up with a list of options and pick the one that makes us laugh. My favorite task is designing artwork you see hanging on walls and writing little mugs/t-shirt gags. 

Storyboard artist Aaron Long is responsible for “Bradley Hitler-Smith,” which…none of us can shut up about how funny that is. 

Full Moon Romp, Forest Romp, and Mooning the Birches. 

Lisa Hanawalt

These paintings and a few others will be displayed (and available for purchase) at this show this SATURDAY NIGHT in DOWNTOWN L.A.!

I’ll be there too. Come by the Hive Gallery and say hello!

Doodling characters for BoJack gave me endless opportunities to write dumb things on clothing. Here are some of my faves from season 1.


Final versions of these guys were made by animators: Zoë Moss , Adam Parton, Ryan DeLuca, and Jojo Ramos <3


I love Tuca's camel toe! — Asked by safeword-cat

cat bathroom

art directed this background drawn by YaoYao Ma Van As 

A Hole in the Ground

A Hole in the Ground

Hi! I love Charlotte too. I think her character was dreamed up by Mehar Sethi (one of our brilliant writers)! Here’s a little post showing the process of making her, for anyone who’s interested:

- rough sketch of a deer lady

- refined her and made her more attractive (Olivia Wilde did Charlotte’s voice recordings and I totally referenced pics of her for the eyes)

- figured out a cute, 80’s outfit for her

- character designer Adam Parton created this turnaround based on my sketch and gave her mouths and moveable parts ( Adam is great. Here’s his Tumblr )

- and we did the same process for Old Charlotte. I like how there’s so much realistic continuity on this show, so I get to sketch lots of older and younger versions of characters. Fun!

You've probably gotten eighty of these, but I loved Bojack Horseman and I loved your design work. I hope all you talented people get a second season, you deserve it. — Asked by the-girl-who-cant-wait

Thank you for watching!!!


Just for fun, here’s a sketch from when I first started designing the show (with watercolors!) back in 2012: