monstruosimaginarios asked:

hey lisa! love your work! just wanted to know what kind of materials you use to make your drawings… they look all so very neat and i always smudge my stuff! could your recommend paper type and other materials to create such beautifully perfect illustrations as yours? hope its not a bother! thank you for being, your work is truly amazing! love your humour! take care!

I’m drawing most stuff digitally these days, using custom brushes made by Kyle T Webster. And even drawings I make by hand get cleaned up in Photoshop, so if I mess up and smudge everything, it’s not a huge deal. Computers!

You can lay down a clean piece of paper under the meat of your drawing hand to prevent smudging, sometimes that helps. Sometimes I wrap a piece of toilet paper around where I grip my pen, if it’s an incontinent pen.

 I know you’ve heard this advice before, but it’s true: keep trying materials and papers until you find something you like. Don’t get stuck with one way of doing things! That said, I really like Stonehenge paper + Muji sketchbooks +  this carbon ink pen at the moment.  Warning: this pen is highly incontinent. 


Bojack Horseman


So excited I can finally talk about this amazing project I’ve been putting together over the last few years. Can’t talk about it right now though — we’ve got twelve episodes to write! See you in six months!

Me too! I’m now firmly planted in Los Angeles and working as a production designer on Bojack Horseman. Twelve episodes will be airing later this year on Netflix. STAY TUNED.


There are all kinds of goodies available now that The Beguiling is representing sales of some of my originals. Check it out!

UPDATE: The Beguiling website is having some technical issues, so if you’re having trouble, just send a message to and tell them which pieces you’d like to purchase.

And if originals aren’t your thing, I have some new prints available from InPrnt!

wearthegoldhat asked:

What did you do when you first graduated college?

I graduated from UCLA with an art degree in 2006 and then I:

- worked on a webcomic with my friend Raphael

- did odd jobs I found on Craigslist

- got a puppy

- drove to Vermont with my new puppy and crashed at a friend’s place for a few months while I figured out what to do

- drove back to LA and got a job as a secretary/warehouse worker. For two years I did this job during the day and made art/comics most evenings. This seems really idyllic to me in retrospect, but at the time it was probably lonely and hard!