iam8bit Art Show and other news!

Los Angelenos! Do you like DeLoreans? How about Lizards from the future? I have two crazy pieces in this time travel-themed art show (and book release party for So You Created A Wormhole: The Time Traveler’s Guide to Time Travel), GO SEE IT TONIGHT!

Official website is here. Facebook invite page here.



I got some nice words from BoingBoing and io9.com, thanks guys!

And I’ve been working on other stuff that I can’t really write about yet. So in the meantime, here’s a crude drawing of my favorite yoga pose, I believe the name in Sanskrit is “pussflipbuttover.”


I’m bored of myself, here’s what some talented buddies have been up to:

- Jillian Tamaki's comic Supermutant Magic Academy is cracking me up; the last panel is always a screamer. Go read all of them, but not while drinking, unless you like spewing liquid all over everything while laughing (I love to, personally).

- Domitille Collardey has a beautiful new website and the comics on there are so funny, dark and pretty they’ll make your head spin right off your neck like a headicopter.

- Sarah Glidden is still aaaall the way in France, thankfully she’s updating this blog with essays and illustrations about her lovely adventures. I’m jealous of all the wine and cheese she must be eating. Save some for me, Syrah Goudan!

- Adam Conover. Who’s this guy? Oh, just my favorite guy who makes me laugh the most laughs in the whole world. He made my heart grow three sizes, and I know it bulges weirdly but please stop asking if I have a third boob. Follow Adam on Twitter and Tumblr and go see him do stand-up comedy if you want a real treat! Here’s how he plays Draw Something:

- Julia Wertz has been posting a ton of funny new comics lately, this one in particular is my favorite. I want to play that game! Juliaaa! She’s also hosting a comedy show at UCB East on April 28th (me, Adam and Domitille are performing too!). Make a reservation here.

- Kate Beaton has moved to Toronto, nooo! Hopefully she’ll be back to visit lots. Follow her Tumblr and read all her sketchbook comics, she just keeps gets better and better! Here’s a masterpiece we made last month:

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