Benny’s Brigade

I illustrated this charming children’s book written by Arthur Bradford - it’s about two girls who find a tiny walrus inside a nut shell. Benny’s Brigade is finally here and it’s on sale today in the McSweeney’s store: ORDER A COPY!

Arthur Bradford’s kids interviewed me here about my illustration process, adorable!

For a limited time only, McSweeney’s has a bunch of the original artwork available for purchase, you can check those out here.


Advance praise for Benny’s Brigade:

Selected by 100 Scope Notes as a "Wildest Children’s Books of 2012"

"Tiny walruses in nutshells, talking slugs — what’s not to like? If your kids like to giggle at really weird stories, Benny’s Brigade will be right up their alley.”
—Johnathan H. Liu,’s GeekDad

"The latest release from McSweeney’s McMullens series is yet another gorgeously designed children’s book, with captivating artwork, a surreal plot, and a dust jacket that unfolds into a poster, revealing gold foil embossed slugs on the cover… I certainly enjoyed discussing the possible sub-plots in this weird, yet charming book."—Apartment Therapy

"Exuberant…imaginative."—USA Today's Pop Candy blog

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