Slideshows, Festivals and New Comics

Hello, here are some upcoming events.

I’m doing this Carousel slideshow in NYC tomorrow evening (September 12). These readings are always great and hosted by the wonderful R. Sikoryak:

I’m also part of this terrific line-up during the Brooklyn Book Festival, at Bergen St. Comics on Saturday, September 22

(plus my parents are going to be there, I can’t wait to embarrass them)!

Lastly, I’ll be at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD this weekend, Sept. 15 & 16. I’m sharing Table W49 with superstars John Porcellino, Noah van Sciver, Domitille Collardey and Joseph Remnant.

I’ll have NEW MINI-COMICS at SPX. This is what the covers look like:

These are sloppy sketchy fun messes, and include: full-color covers + neon pages + drawings you’ll be too bashful to look at in public. These will be probably be available online in a few weeks, get yours at the festival this weekend!

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