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Hello babies! Our amazing guest this week is illustrator and comics artist Jillian Tamaki (creator of the webcomic SuperMutant Magic Academy)! She talks to us about marriage, US naturalization, Vine, and webcomics.

Then, Beatles expert Connor Ratliff Lanny Merkelton talks about his new book The Beatles are Amazing! Hopefully he’ll get a chance to listen to Revolver before he finishes it.

All that, plus: Buffalo buffalo! Buffalo! Buffalo? TV spoilers! The truth about boobs! Tirades against nerds (you can buy the shirts here)! Cans of worms: do we open them? You’ll have to listen to find out!

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I was so excited to have Jillian Tamaki on our show, she’s the greatest!! Also I think I say the word “buffalo” about twenty six times on this episode!

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iam8bit Art Show and other news!

Los Angelenos! Do you like DeLoreans? How about Lizards from the future? I have two crazy pieces in this time travel-themed art show (and book release party for So You Created A Wormhole: The Time Traveler’s Guide to Time Travel), GO SEE IT TONIGHT!

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