Patricia Lockwood

Book cover designed for Patricia Lockwood’s forthcoming masterpiece, Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals.

This book is coming out soon from Penguin. IT’S FCKIN’ NUTS. I recommend placing a pre-order.

Many thanks to AD Alison Forner and to Patricia Lockwood, the barb-toothed, bug-covered, wild muse of my dreams.

Balloon Pop Outlaw Black

I recently illustrated the cover of Patricia Lockwood's new poetry collection, Balloon Pop Outlaw Black.

Patricia’s best known for her “sext tweets,” which on their own deserve a genius grant and/or Nobel prize, but she’s also an extraordinary long-form poet.

This book is wild and deeply funny!!! A lot of it is about Popeye, so I invented these creatures we’ve been affectionately calling “pupeyes.”


Also here’s something crazy: if this small print run sells out, Patricia will get a tattoo of a pupeye like this one. I’m horrified. Let’s make this happen!?