BoJack. On Netflix. Friday.


You guys. BoJack Horseman is airing on Netflix RIGHT NOW. 

I’m so proud of this show and all the talented people who helped create it. On the surface it’s a silly comedy with animal puns. Which is wonderful. But, for me, it goes to weirder and weirder places and starts to subvert more expectations the further you get into it.  Like holy shit is episode 11 a doozy (in a good way)!  I think you’ll dig it.


I’ll be blogging more about specific design stuff after the show airs and you’ve had a chance to enjoy.

For now, I leave you with these off-model BoJacks:


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Holy smokes! Can you believe it? It’s our 50th PODCAST!!! This week we were joined by Colbert Report writer and podcast virgin ROB DUBBIN! He tells us about the terrain generator he invented to get out of writing a book and his favorite twitter bots.

THEN! REVENGE expert Jim VanBlaricum Sebastian Peemuffin tells us all about how to get revenge on people, and at what temperature to serve up that particular dish!

Plus! Top of the Lake! Bob the Railway Dog! AND: IS THIS GOODBYE?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!

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Here’s the last episode of BG before we go on a (hopefully brief) haitus! It’s a good one, enjoy!

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HELLO BABIES. This is a VERY special episode indeed. Lisa and Emily finally watch DUMB & DUMBER together, in fact, they are still coming down from the high during this very recording.
On this episode, the very funny comedian and writer TED TRAVELSTEAD (@trumpetcake) is a true scholar on the subject of pick-up artists and hip lingo! And street magician Nick Maritato Drew McClanahan wows us with his logic-defying act!

Also: NEWS FLASH: Men behave hornily in the Summertime! We play two rousing rounds of Fuck/Marry/Kill! And we get kind of riled up by Cryptozoology.

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Here’s one of my favorite recent episodes of Baby Geniuses! Enjoy!

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Hey Babies, we have a hot one for you today!

First, comedian and Daily Show writer Matt Koff tells us what it’s like to smell things that aren’t there (AKA “phantosmia”)!

Then riddle expert Connor Ratliff Dr. Fendel Randelman heats up our brains with some tricky new puzzlers and mind benders.

Plus: Pacific Rim! Elephants! Face tattoos! Turtlenecks! And a slew of other controversial issues!

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This week on Baby Geniuses - internet writer / twitter master JULIEANNE SMOLINSKI aka BOOBSRADLEY stops by! We talk about food poisoning, what George Clooney & Channing Tatum might talk to each other about, and how to date people from the internet.

Then: Met Foods grocery expert Joe Pera Evan Pless tells us “what’s playing at the Met this week.”

Plus: headless chickens that steal our hearts! Sensory deprivation tanks! Other things that make us barf!

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In this episode of Butt Talk, Professional (F)Artist Lisa Hanawalt (aka Lisa Fannywalt) joins us to talk about FART ART. Check out Lisa’s website and follow her on Twitter!

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And of course, email any stinquiries to, or use the Tumblr form to Ass Us Anything.

It was so fun shooting the shit with Nate Fernald and Adam Newman on their hilarious poodcast! It’s mostly me giggling while they make butt-based puns, but I also discuss my fart illustrations and tell some fecal tales. Enjoy!

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Hello babies! Our amazing guest this week is illustrator and comics artist Jillian Tamaki (creator of the webcomic SuperMutant Magic Academy)! She talks to us about marriage, US naturalization, Vine, and webcomics.

Then, Beatles expert Connor Ratliff Lanny Merkelton talks about his new book The Beatles are Amazing! Hopefully he’ll get a chance to listen to Revolver before he finishes it.

All that, plus: Buffalo buffalo! Buffalo! Buffalo? TV spoilers! The truth about boobs! Tirades against nerds (you can buy the shirts here)! Cans of worms: do we open them? You’ll have to listen to find out!

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I was so excited to have Jillian Tamaki on our show, she’s the greatest!! Also I think I say the word “buffalo” about twenty six times on this episode!

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Baby Geniuses: Episode 2

ASMR with Nikki Glaser

This episode is unbelievable. First, comedian and fellow podcaster Nikki Glaser comes by to discuss the strange-yet-pleasurable neurological condition Nikki and Emily share.

Then, Cool Whip expert Amber Nelson Karen Tootlemeyer brings sweet treats and overt threats; her knowledge of the infamous dessert cream goes way beyond flavor.

Also: Magic Mike, getting hit on in public, and holding in farts

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I’ve started co-hosting this weekly podcast with the amazing comedian Emily Heller and it’s extremely fun. It’s mostly about weird knowledge. Emily’s brother Nate wrote the theme song and it’s the greatest, right?

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A few weeks ago Lisa and I went to check out the International Beauty Show at the Javitz convention center. I’ve always loved trade shows, and this one turned out to be especially nuts, so we came back the next day with a camera and made a short video of us goofing around on the convention floor.

Lisa is absolutely hilarious, and collaborating with her on this was an incredible ton of fun. Check it out and enjoy!

Do you like montages? How about MAKEOVER MONTAGES?

Huge thanks to everyone at IBS for being such good sports, and to Adam for being SO FUNNY and game to collaborate. This was a crazy experiment - Now back to drawing!