Prints & Sales

Hello! I have some artwork available at INPRNT.COM, these are gallery-quality giclée prints on cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks. All prints are 15% off this weekend.

 I’m also doing free shipping in my Etsy shop for all domestic orders until Sunday, just use coupon code: STUFFING

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!

We Bought A Zoo!

That’s what you’ll say after shopping in my new Etsy Store!

It’s a lot of the same stuff as my Tumblr shop, but I think Etsy might be a better platform for peddling wares. We shall see, it’s an experiment!

I’m able to do Priority (2-3) shipping until Wednesday Dec. 21 for about $5 extra per order if you need last minute items for the holidays.


I’m working on some new stuff and will have non-merchandise-related news soon, I swear.

Look, I’m making fingers:

Look, I’m drawing Crocs:

And look, I’m trying to decide if I’d rather write a movie review of: A) Ghost Protocol B) War Horse C) We Bought a Zoo D) ALL THREE!?

What’s new with you?