SPX 2013!

I’ll be signing my book My Dirty Dumb Eyes at the D&Q table, doing panels and slideshow readings.

I’ll also have copies of this stupid new zine, Save a Horse Ride a Hanawalt and will be painting $10 portraits at Domitille Collardey's table L11A

Here’s a guide to finding me:

Saturday, Sept. 14th

11am-12:30pm table L11

1-3 pm  Signing at D+Q booth

3-5pm table L11

5:30-6:30 pm  R. Sikoryak’s Carousel in the White Flint auditorium( R. Sikoryak, Lisa Hanawalt, Sam Henderson, Michael Kupperman, Anders Nilsen, Leslie Stein, and Kriota Willberg read from their work, accompanied by projection).

Sunday, September 15th

12-1pm table L11

1-2 pm  What Makes Drawings Funny? in the White Oak Room
(Cartoonist Dustin Harbin will investigate the basis for humorous picture-making and ask Peter Bagge, Scott Campbell, Lisa Hanawalt, and Jay Lynch about their individual approaches to making drawings funny).

2-3pm   Signing at D+Q booth

3-5pm table L11

6 pm I go home!

Slideshows, Festivals and New Comics

Hello, here are some upcoming events.